Collection #2 10 Jan 2021

Apple TV screensavers

As the Apple TV screensavers are really beautiful I hecked how to get them to have them also on other devices. The website below provides all of them with options to download them.

Undoing a git bisect mistake

If one does a long git bisect it could happen that a commit is wrongly marked as bad/good. There is a nice way to fix this and not need to manually do the already done bisecting steps again.

Basically this boils down to dumping the history of the bisect with git bisect log, then edit the wrong bisect marking, reset it with git bisect reset and finally replay the log via git bisect replay FILE.

The log itself looks like this:

$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [73c2ad293bc2ad12126fe42e8c3f3dd137bab2ab] Merge pull request #23998 from nextcloud/backport/23937/stable20
git bisect good 73c2ad293bc2ad12126fe42e8c3f3dd137bab2ab
# bad: [785029d69332d83773a19c75077f25779fabd55a] Merge pull request #24424 from nextcloud/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/css-vars-ponyfill-2.4.2
git bisect bad 785029d69332d83773a19c75077f25779fabd55a
# good: [e14ba58b6d2fec3702e4ad1f8445ccc74d922beb] Merge pull request #22794 from nextcloud/version/20.0.0/rc1
git bisect good e14ba58b6d2fec3702e4ad1f8445ccc74d922beb
# bad: [3076eb4e9bb4006a5670aa08a2b35d2cfa42cd6c] Merge pull request #23767 from nextcloud/techdebt/noid/add-deprecated-tag-to-all-methods
git bisect bad 3076eb4e9bb4006a5670aa08a2b35d2cfa42cd6c
# bad: [d51da5714b20544673aec6be3ff7fec1f67cb20b] Merge pull request #23371 from nextcloud/enhancement/psalm-typed-bootstrap-registration-context
git bisect bad d51da5714b20544673aec6be3ff7fec1f67cb20b
# good: [020ba0847ba4fd8af39e9a730e3d8460cc56c9e3] Bump moment from 2.27.0 to 2.29.0
git bisect good 020ba0847ba4fd8af39e9a730e3d8460cc56c9e3

SQL for CSV/Excel files

q is a handy tool to run SQL-like queries on CSV or TSV files. (via @danimo)

Minimal Viable Search using Postgres

This blog post describes how to build some quick and easy way to implement search within Postgres.

Feedback by @brainafk is to maybe use a stored generated column instead of the trigger.