GSoC - Weeks 6 and 7 6 Aug 2013

Browse your music collection

I implemented the first part of the AngularJS music browser, which uses the Shiva API to retrieve the data. I just extend the API a bit to better fulfill this task.

Artists view

artists view

Albums view

albums view

Tracks view

tracks view

You’re now able to browse artists, albums and tracks. As this is in an early stage you couldn’t click to get a filtered view of albums of this artists, but this will arrive soon.

All changes to the AngularJS app will take effect in the angularjs branch on GitHub.

Further steps

There are a lot of features which want to be implemented:

Developer meetup in Berlin

Next week many ownCloud developers will meet in Berlin - including me. :) I’m looking forward to the great discussions, get to know the real persons and not just their IRC nick names and having a brilliant time with awesome results.