GSoC - Weeks -2 to 0 20 Jun 2013

It’s time for the first report about my progress. More than 3 weeks has passed since I get the great news to be accepted for this years Google Summer of Code. Let’s have look what is done.

Weeks -2 to 0 - The community bonding period

I’m already bond to the great ownCloud community. So let’s start with coding the spare time away. ;)

After creating a new appframework based app, I’ll add the implementation of the RESTful API. In this state it provides just dummy data and should be fully tested (in the context of unittesting). It’ll also be possible to check the implementation against the original client.

AppFramework improvements - refactoring to upstream

I’m a bit behind the initial schedule but also a step ahead the feature set. In this 3 weeks I’ve written a HTTPMiddleware for AppFramework which provides the authentication based on url passed credentials like in The JSONResponse get some more generic methods to set the payload. With another pull request for the AppFramework a method to slugify entity attributes find it’s way in. Generic methods for the mapper class to convert database results to entity instances are prepared in a third pull request.

Bad news

The current state of the master branch isn’t fully tested and the “fulltree” switch is not (yet) available.

Good news

It’s not just dummy data - in terms of hard coded php objects. The full stack “controller <-> business layer <-> mapper <-> database” is implemented. In the following days the tests for all those classes will be written.

Good bye “Media app” — Hello “Music app”

As a result of a bug report and express the supposed purpose the “Media app” changed its name to “Music app”.